Step 1 – Discovery

First, we’ll meet to learn about your goals, timelines and expectations. This is a free no obligation initial consultation meeting which allows our team to analyze your software project and provide recommendations.

During this meeting, we’ll ask questions to develop a plan for how we’ll architect and build your software. After the meeting, we’ll provide a proposed solution to fit your needs.


Step 2 – Prototyping

After the discovery phase, we move into wire-framing and design. During this phase, our team will create a simplified visual representation of the major components of your software project. This establishes the foundation for the major features that the app will contain and creates an early outline for the user interface.

After that, our design team creates a full prototype of the application. Allowing you to click through and interact with each page of the software application.


Step 3 – Development

This is when we start writing code. During the development process, our team works to build your software at lightning speeds. We’ll break the different sections, components, phases or modules of your project into sprints.

During each sprint, we’ll provide regular status updates and maintain a regular flow of communication. At the end of each sprint, we’ll review that deliverable with you to ensure the software exceeds your expectations.

Step 4 – Launch!

This is the fun part. During the launch phase, our team will work with you to ensure a smooth and effective software launch. Whether it’s a soft launch with a quiet roll out or a big announcement tied to a major event and full on marketing campaign, we’ll ensure a seamless launch of your new software project.

Ready to get started?